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2022 – ceramics, video, sound.

A landscape treatise & a dystopian approach I

The garden is a space for the sublimation of our complex reveries of power. It is a construct of control, a metaphor of our species that, immersed in a foundational self, shapes cosmologies of the innate.
The title gelbe Städte refers to the fine yellow dust that has covered our cities this summer and is due to a kind of fear bloom caused in pine trees by climatic changes.
The installation work deals with terms and concepts related to adaptation to climate change, vulnerability and, above all, the notion of the total controllability of nature by humankind.

Texts read from: Die Natur der Zukunft, Tier- und Pflanzenwelt in Zeiten des Klimawandels (Bernhard Kegel). Historische Gärten und Klimawandel (Reinhard F. Hüttl, Karen David, Bernd Uwe Schneider).

soundtrack in full length via this link
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Together with:

Anlea Luzi (Voice)
Philippe Mainz (Video)
Thomas Kolb (Technical support)
Tibor Pilz (Videodocumentation)
Video contributions from smartphones by: Alex Besta, Robert Besta, Lena Loy, Nik Lock, Valentin Schmidt, Philippe Mainz.
This project is supported by Stiftung Kunstfond/NEUSTART KULTUR scholarship and an artist residency in the majolika-karlsruhe.de