Back Recreation

2020 – Two channel projection, sculpture & sound, 13:44min

A playful and flexible multi-complex system with ambiguous identities focusing on regeneration over reproduction

At the beginning of the 1980s, it was scientifically confirmed that the white, ancient ideal that runs through our culture as an aesthetic language of form was a mere assumption. Numerous finds proving the opposite, however, were again declared to be fakes.
The colorlessness deprived the sculptures and buildings of their naturalistic elements and were thus transferred to a higher level, which became the hallmark of the Enlightenment. The rising fascism in the 20th century also used the white language of form as clear pure symbolism and exaggeration of an ideal.
The work Recreation restores the architectural elements to their original polychromy and breaks the myth of the empty, white appearance. The sculptures attempt to remember a past order. They demand regeneration, rather than having to go through a series of reproductions that are not your own, but imposed upon you.
The work exists in its own temporal dimension, between exhaustion, awakening and transcendence.

Together with:

Philippe Mainz (Co-Author/Video), Vanessa Eck & Lena Thomaka (Design), Sebastian Heck (Photography)