Back sleeping trees

2024 – two canal video projection, sound, sculpture, 5min loop

it is recommended to listen to the video with headphones or studio speakers for an optimal sound experience

The title sleeping trees alludes to research findings from the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, obtained through advanced laser scanning technology. These findings reveal that leaves and branches gradually descend from dusk, reaching their lowest position a few hours before sunrise.

In the video projection, highly decelerated and magnified structures of tree bark are displayed along a wall surface. This is executed with such subtlety that the human eye initially needs to verify the movement. This intensive engagement with visual perception enables a deeper understanding, guiding viewers through the progressive and prolonged "descent" of the tree structure to the essence of artistic inquiry. The projection amplifies images from nature, transforming organic processes into plastic, spatial, and eventually abstract and alien phenomena.

The accompanying sound installation includes the sounds of trees, such as the rustling of leaves, the cracking of bark, and even the internal flowing sounds of the tree's capillaries. Soothing sounds appear to dominate initially, but an apocalyptic atmosphere gradually builds throughout the piece, contrasting sharply with the calm, almost hypnotic movement of the projected tree bark.

Sleeping Trees evokes the fragility of nature and poses questions about its future. Alex Besta's work offers multifaceted perspectives on the relationship between humanity, the built environment, and nature, initiating a complex interplay between harmony, disruption, and rapprochement.

Together with:

Tibor Pilz (Video)
Philippe Mainz, Alex Besta (Sound)
Norina Quinte, Ato, (Text)
Sebastian Heck (preview image)