Back The happiness of belonging

2021 – sculpture, sound, video

allied materiality,
organic activity,
forms of connectedness,
transversal to categorical distinctions.

The happiness of belonging describes an "ecology of relationships", a symbiotic assemblage in which lines of connection, interconnectedness and kinship are evoked through form and materiality. They play visually with the viewer and generate a common coherent entity.
With the work, the artist also deals with her anthelmophobia (fear of everything creeping) and consciously confronts herself with the earth and its wormy inhabitants. She finds ways to connect with the non-linguistic participants and thereby challenges the sensitivity of our potential perceptions.

Together with:

Nik Lock (soundperformance during the exhibition), Sebastian Heck (photography/video), Philippe Mainz (doku cut).
The project was funded by Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung und Kunst and LBBW-Stiftung.