Work in Progress


buried landscapes (AT)

The garden as a model in which borderlines and boundaries can be explored. Where does something end and where does something begin? Where do we draw boundaries within a landscape? And why do we choose a line to mark this transition in the first place? The garden is so exciting because it represents not only a physical space, but also a symbolic place. Moreover, it represents a synthesis of diverse fields of knowledge: Irrigation systems, architecture, botany and visual art.

"[...] since I discovered the garden ', I'm not as strange as I used to be. "

"in the simplest case, the monument in the garden commemorates heroes of science "

"One of the gardens is closed, no one is allowed to enter".

In this regard, I read Paradise Now, Die neuen Grenzen des Gartens (Günther Vogt/Violeta Burckhardt), Die Heterotopien. Der utopische Körper (Michel Foucault).

This project is supported by a NEUSTART KULTUR scholarship